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Cardboard Furniture

After discovering that single sheets of cardboard gained exponential strength when layered, Frank Gehry - the Pulitzer Prize winning architect based in Los Angeles, California - began to manipulate the simple material into graceful, curvilinear chairs and tables. With hardboard facing applied to the flat surfaces, the furniture is immensely durable, the Easy Edges series (created 1969-73) includes the famous wiggle chair.

At the turn of the millennium, cardboard again became a trend. Noted for its recyclability, cardboard fits snuggly into the modern zeitgeist. A whole new industry is appearing from within its wake.

In 2005, art director and designer Cathy Henszey partnered with the CEO of Print Icon, Vahid Pourkay, to begin Cardboardesign for recycled cardboard furnishings. The tables and shelving are modern in their aesthetic and surprisingly strong, due to the unique honeycomb cell shape of cardboard which bears more weight. Unlike Gehry's pieces, they contain no screws or fiberboard.

Foldschool was designed in 2006 by Swiss architect Nicola Enrico Stäubli (Bern, 1978), working under the label nicolafrombern. He has created a freely downloadable collection of templates for cardboard kids furniture. Its suitability is because it is lightweight, can be decorated by children and once its has outlived its purpose can be thrown away with a clear conscience.

With many more examples around on the Internet, cardboard furniture appears to be be here to stay... at least for sometime.


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uk modern furniture

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