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Twin brothers Joep and Jeroen Verhoeven and Judith de Graauw make up design team Demakersvan (which translates as 'the makers of...'). They met at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and by the time of their graduation they knew they wanted to work together.

The Cinderalla table (pictured above) is a superb exploration of the use of CAD-CAM (computer aided design & manufacturing). Made from birch plywood, using 57 slices, Jeroen Verhoeven was able to industrially manufacture the table based on 17th and 18th century archetypal shapes of tables that he found in Stedlijk Museum in Amsterdam. Each of the 57 slices are 80mm thick and fabricated by a computer numerically controlled cutting machine.

Light Wind

The initial response was that it would never sell, but four have been sold so far... including to London's Victoria & Albert museum. Verhoeven gets at least ten new requests each week. Whilst the 125,000 euro price tag is holding back sales somewhat, Demakersvan are looking into manufacturing a number of their designs more cheaply in India.

Light wind is an outside lamp that takes the concept of Dutch windmills into the arena of light generation. The prop is over one meter on each side and forms a self supporting light source.

Bloomstone is a stone floor cut in a way that the seams create patterns. Entire floors can be covered without tiling.

Bloomstone continuous stonework.

Demakersvan hate throwaway products. "Buying new furniture every season – we don’t believe in that," Verhoeven says. "There are plenty of timeless pieces of furniture that last a generation, preferably more." Timelessness, according to Demakersvan, comes from attention to quality: "In our digital world, craftsmanship has been pushed too far into the background. People must dare to deliberately choose good materials again, and develop an eye for detail – to make sure every screw, every leg, every cut has a purpose. Not that I’m arguing that we should go back to making every product by hand. But we have to see to it that machines start working for us again, instead of allowing ourselves to be led by them, as so often happens these days."


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uk modern furniture

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